Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome 2011

The New Year, as always, arrives with a lot of cheer and positivity. The economic indices are looking up, and we hear that most organisations are looking at hiring people and retaining employees through better compensation packages. The last certainly is news that makes Human Resource managers happy, because content employees allow us to implement better and innovative practices. 2010 has been a decent year from the perspective of the industry. We have seen significant growth, and have been able to leave behind the paranoia of recession that had consumed us the year before. 2010, however, when we look at it from the perspective of an Indian citizen, will perhaps be best remembered as the year when corruption of mind-boggling proportions kept creating news every few days; be it IPL, CWG, or the 2G and mining licence scandals. We can only hope that we have seen the worst, and 2011 will be the year where ethics in business, and not corruption, take centre stage.

In this issue, we have profiled a hundred organisations that we believe are companies that the next generation of professionals and consumers will look up to. While this is no exercise in ranking organisations for their superiority in a product, function or category, this list has organisations that have made excellence their mantra in everything that they do. Amongst a host of organisations that have shown stellar performance, either in creating shareholder value or capturing the mind-space of consumers and employees, these are organisations that stand out for multifaceted performance. To capture the imagination of a generation that takes geographical mobility for granted and consumes information at the speed of light, organisations can no longer be complacent by producing superior performance in a particular area of operations. The convergence that we keep talking about is true and happening, and it is happening at a scale that is unprecedented. The Next Gen professionals and consumers, while hungry, are also discerning to the extreme, and organisations that are unable to capture their imagination at multiple touch points will find the going tough. Forward-looking organisations like the ones that have been featured in this issue are aware and willing; they are initiating activities at multiple levels and are not afraid to experiment with a variety of forms and factors. We have tried to analyse what makes these organisations successful in what they do, and we hope you will enjoy the read.

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