Wednesday, 1 December 2010

THF: The Coming Of Age

The Human Factor completes two years in it’s avatar as a magazine with this issue. It has been an amazing journey, in which the magazine has evolved from a toddler, trying to find its feet in the world of print journalism, to a youthful entity which takes confident strides while knowing that there is a lot left to learn and achieve. The HR fraternity has given us many reasons to celebrate our second anniversary; our readership base has grown multi-fold, HR practitioners in India and abroad has recognised The Human Factor as a key publication in the genre, and we have been awarded the “HR magazine of the year” at the Global HR excellence awards. As we have grown over the last few months, we have infused new blood into the editorial team, and our commitment and passion is stronger than ever. Our commitment is to be true to the soul of ‘The Human Factor’ and yet keep expanding our perspective of the HR landscape. We had started our journey as a human resource journal, at a time when the HR function was just about coming onto its own. The last few years have been exciting for HR practitioners as it has grown in stature and been universally recognised as a strategic business function. With recognition comes responsibility, and the future of both the HR practitioner and The Human Factor while challenging, promises to be rewarding.

Our first anniversary issue - “Hall of Fame 2009” was a great success, and so I believe will be this “Hall of Fame 2010 - The Premier League”, the second anniversary issue. You will see that we have added a few categories to last year’s list. This is in keeping with the fact that organisations across the world have come to value the importance of the Human Resource function, and most forward looking leaders recognise that every manager is, at some level, a manager of human resources. In our quest for nominees for the “Hall of Fame - The Premier League”, we realised that there are exemplary examples of HR leadership in all business functions, be it sales, marketing or finance. Dave Ulrich had said that “HR should not be defined by what it does, but by what it delivers -- results that enrich the organisation’s value to customers, investors, and employees”, and as traditionally non-HR functions embrace HR values to deliver organisational results, we also see HR managers soaking in skills of other business functions to be able to become a true business partner in the organisation’s efforts in delivering value to all stakeholders. In this issue we have profiled managers and leaders across industries, sectors and business functions, an eclectic mix, which we believe will give readers a broad perspective of success factors and people leadership.

As businesses grow, diverse, global and complex people managers will come across a steep learning curve which will require them to not only prepare themselves for the present but also prepare for a dynamic and uncertain future, while keeping in mind the important lessons learnt in the past. We hope to remain an able and supportive friend in your journey into the exciting times that lay ahead of us.

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