Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Journey Begins...

In view of the growing flood of the printed word, one feels compelled to justify a new magazine as self-consciously as one defends the publication of “another self help book.” The justification for the present journal is nothing less than a passionate effort to make sense of the dynamic world of human resource development as India strides towards becoming an important player in the knowledge economy. Before this point we have been taking baby steps, experimenting with form, style and content in our earlier avatar of a journal, but now we are making our first full stride into the world of elite focused magazines, not in small measure inspired by you, our readers’ feedback. We intend to take in the landscape, recording and bringing attention to the local and global employee engagement and human resource development issues as they evolve. The journey has begun.

The skill sets which modern HR professionals require to stay on top of change within their function are probably evolving more rapidly than those of other business professionals. Many HR professionals are entering uncharted territory as the function continues to transform, and this can be both daunting in the challenges it presents and satisfying when they get it right and enjoy the hard-earned business respect that comes with this.

Fittingly our launch issue addresses the much talked about but less understood issue of Emotional Intelligence and its significance in the new economy. As you would expect from us, we have explored, analysed and tried to make sense of EI from perspectives ranging from business and academia to sports, with views from top industrialists to the fastest bowler on earth! New perspectives we have promised you.

What we hope to offer you is unrivalled coverage of the Human Resource scenario in India (unrivalled in the sense of being the best but also in the sense that no one else is covering it), and to import complementary articles from the world outside. It is a lot of effort and late nights for the team at Human Factor and Planman Media, but we have unbridled joy in bringing the magazine to life and, it is because we speak directly with those of you, who toil at the leading edge of industry and academia, breaking new ground.

The Human Factor seeks to capture the history of policy evaluation and present day research in a contemporary format which is both academically rigorous and practically relevant. It pursues a tracing of the effects of education, manpower, socio-economic and political events, and welfare policies in the classroom, in the labour market, in the community, and in the lives of human beings. And by following this path, it will bring together investigators from a variety of disciplines, serving as a meeting ground for their divergent methodological approaches to a common set of problems.

We welcome your thoughts on the magazine and we can be contacted at, and bearing in mind that this is a launch issue, you might want to join us in raising a toast in celebration at the coming of age of The Human Factor.

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